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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for models?
CerberusXing is not looking for models for our ads nor will we be in the future.  Thank you for your interest
Does CerberusXing do Custom Requests?
No, I’m sorry but we do not take custom items/requests. If you see anything that was created for an individual please understand they are friends.
How do I make this _____ collar work?
We use Open Collar scripts in each of our collars. If you are new to this you can read on their website on how to use these sets of scripts. You can also visit them at their in world location to get any of the extras that they make. Open Collar Temple
How to Purcahse Gift Cards?
Click on the amount you’d like to purchase Click Accept, that you would like to purchase a gift card It will give you the gift card blank.  It will go into your inventory in the Objects folder. Once you have added the blank/emtpy gift card to yourself you will then right click to pay the vendor the amount. To know that you have successfully purchased the gift card a message in local chat will pop-up.
I accidentally deleted my TMP applier in the Style HUD and the applier is already used up.
If you still have the original box please un-box and retrieve the TMP applier and reapply.  If you don’t have the box please go to the main store and get a re-delivery of the product that has the applier. Unpack and reapply it to your Style HUD.
I bought the CX Wraps for TMP but I can’t find _____. What do I do?

The [CX] Wraps back includes SIX (6) colors with FIVE (5) options per color.

The options are:

1. Full Set

2. Full Set Tattoo

3. Arms Only

4. Legs Only

5. Torso Only

This means in order to have EVERYTHING at your disposal (all colors and options), you must install 30 (yes..30) items into your TMP StyleMode HUD. You do NOT have to install everything, however please keep your installers if you wish to add them later. Q: Okay, my wraps are installed, where are they? I still can’t find X. A: To install, just wear the wrap HUD and follow in the instructions. (Please note it is always better to have your StyleMode HUD detached before installation to avoid an error.) Now where is where it can be tricky. Different wraps will be in different areas of the StyleMode Hud: 1. Full Set Tattoo Wraps will be in the Tattoo window. 2. Full Set Wraps, Torso Wraps, and Leg wraps will be in the Outfit window. 3. Arm Wraps will be in the Tops Window. Q: Help! I am missing an installer! A: Sometimes Second Life isn’t nice with unpacking a lot of things at once. If you are missing an installer, please go to the re-delivery terminal and get a fresh box to unpack.

I purchased an item but it never delivered.
You can get a re-delivery of the item at the main store, CerberusXing, by clicking the laptop,  It will be on your right hand side when you enter the store. CX Redelivery If you were gifted the item by someone you must have that person redeliver it to you.   It will be linked to their purchase account not the person who received the item. In a case that you purchased an item, it did not deliver, and you checked the re delivery terminal please have a screen shot of the transaction.
I wish to buy a friend a gift from your store but I can’t find the item on your Marketplace.
We don’t keep the marketplace updated but if you visit the main store you will find the items there. To buy a gift from the store for another person you can right click on the vendor and click “Menu” It will give you a drop down menu that will allow yourself to buy for another person. Please make sure you have the correct persons name in the drop down box, use the User Name not display name. Once it announces in local that it has found the person you may right click purchase like you would normally for yourself.  You will then get the notice that it has been sent to the corresponding person
Omega Appliers work with the Slink Bodies
We do try to use Omega appliers for all of our appliers, as they in the past support many different bodies/body parts. The Omega appliers will work with the Slink bodies now, male & female. To make the Omega appliers work you will need to get their System Kit.

  • There is 5 L fee when you join the Omega Support group
  • The Kits ( when wearing the group tag ) is then 50 Lindens

Omega In-world Omega Group

These nails don’t fit my hand size or position. Will you make it fit to my size and hand position?
We, the CSR’s, can not resize your nails for you nor will we send you every single number for each piece of the nails and rings. Please do NOT IM the creator to make you a new set to fit your specific hand size and position. ALL CerberusXing items are modify.  Please go to the Edit Linked parts in the FAQ to read how to edit.
Why wont my shoes fit correctly?
If you are wearing feet for Slink, TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, or any other foot you will need to edit the shoe. The earlier shoes were fit for Slink High or Flat and the latest are fitted for Maitreya High for female.  Any of the flat shoes can work with any of the flat feet MALE or FEMALE. We don’t always provide a shoe base for our shoes due to everyone’s height is different.  So a shoe base that fits 1 avatar may not fit the 2nd avatar. The shoes are always set to MODIFY.  So you may need to pull the shoes up or down depending on your avatar. If you already have a shoe base from another one of our products you can modify it to fit any of the others.  Even other shoe bases from other stores can work as long as they are mod. You can also make your own shoe base to fit your avatars height .

If the shoes are still sinking into the ground you can edit your HOVER HEIGHT.

Why wont the CX Wraps work on my mesh body?
This product was originally made for the male TMP body. We made female appliers to meet the masses request but understand that the applier was designed for the male body so it may not fit the female perfectly. Please make sure you have the most up to date mesh body. For the Maitreya body please make sure you have your Omega relay on. The FEMALE TMP body for the clothing layers have a problem with not showing the feet.  If you are wishing to use this applier please use the TATTOO Layer as there is a bug within the FEMALE TMP body. The bug does not affect the MALE TMP body so the clothing and tattoo layers work.
Is CerberusXing accepting bloggers?
[CX] has officially retired it’s promotional team. We are not seeking any new bloggers and we do not give out review copies. We are not interested in any promotional services and any notecards about blogger profiles/experiences will be disregarded. Anyone who blogs our items out of their own free will and interest we highly appreciate. Thank you so much!
Can the CX ears be worn with my TMP mesh head?
We have not created items for TMP Mesh Heads We have made appliers for the TMP Mesh Body, Unrigged Shoes that have been prefit, Rings/Nails prefit for the Hands. All are unrigged so the owner of the items can fit it to their size. All of the items in [CX] are 100% mesh The TMP Mesh heads do not come without ears nor is the mesh head modifiable. It is one Solid Mesh. The Industrial Ears is mesh that is alone a mesh ear not just the piercings. If you desperately want to wear these piercings with your mesh head this is what I can suggest. (From Shukurimu Resident) Go into your edit menu for the mesh ears Edit Linked Click Select Face then click on the [CX] Mesh Ear. It will have selected just the ear not the piercings. You can see in the texture tab what you have selected Change the Transparency to 100% to make the Mesh Ear Invisible There you will just have the mesh piercings left to move and edit into position to your Mesh Head Ears. NOTE: THESE PIERCINGS WERE NOT MADE FOR THE TMP MESH HEADS. I TRIED TO FIT THEM TO MY TMP MESH HEAD EARS BUT THEY ARE TOO FLAT YOU MAY RUN INTO THIS SITUATION! THIS IS NOT [CX]’s FAULT AS THEY WERE DESIGNED/CREATED TO FIT THE MESH EAR [CX] HAS MADE.
How do I Edit Linked Parts?
All CerberusXing items are modifiable, when the item says (no modify) in your inventory that means that the scripts inside are no modify.  The mesh itself is fully modifiable. Lets get started… You Right Click on the item you want to edit, that will bring up a pie menu with options of what you can do.  Click on the Edit button. From there it will bring up a window, you should have seen this menu a few times while in Second Life.  It will tell you the Name, Description, Creator, Owner, etc.  It will also give you options on what you can do to this item below by saying the properties of this item.  Below it shows that it is Modify & Copy but No Trans, this means that the item can be edited to your liking 😀 Now that you have the edit window up you can then click on the button that says Edit Linked!  This will allow the person to edit the different parts Linked together. *PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF YOUR ITEM BEFORE EDITING ENCASE YOU MAKE A MISTAKE!*  If you do mess up and you did not make a copy before editing you can unbox another set or if you deleted the box you can go to the mainstore and get a re-delivery of the item!  *THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO GACHA AS IT IS NO COPY PLEASE EDIT WITH CAUTION IF YOU DO NOT KNOW PROPER EDITING* Now with this button clicked you can select the piece you want to modify! There are buttons above the Edit Linked where you can Move, Rotate, Stretch, Select Face to help with editing.  It also shows the short cuts for Rotate & Stretch. In the image above I have just now edited the Thumb Nail smaller 😀 Editing will take some time and patience but once you understand how to it will be a snap! Quick Tip!  You can use CTRL + Z as an UNDO button with modifiable items.
How do the Industrial Ears work?
Please make sure to make a copy of your item as a back up , just in case a fresh copy is needed. Wear your ears and HUD. Click the preset skin tones to match the ears to your current skin color , if you would like a perfect match use the color wheel to tint the ears . *For best color matching use midday windlight settings. * The [CX] Industrial Ears come with and without piercing options , to access these please look at the HUD . The top row are preset skin tones for the pierced versions of the ears , if you would like to remove the piercings please use the bottom row of the preset skin colors. You will have to manually resize your ears , by going into build mode and using the stretch option to increase or decrease the size of your new ears. You can also resize the Alpha Ear for smaller or larger ears! Go into Edit Appearance -> Ears -> Ear Size and move the slider either up or down to get the right fit for your avatar. To keep lag low we have included a delete script option in the upper right hand corner of the HUD. *Please make sure you have made a copy of your ears before using this feature , once the scripts are deleted the ears will not work with the HUD*
How to Redeem Gift Cards?
Teleport to the mainstore You will walk into the first room and, to your right, you will see a Gift Card Redeem station Please wear/add/attach your gift card Click on the Gift Card Redeem station It will ask you, if you’d like to redeem the gift card It will only work for activated gift cards The gift card will turn into store credit with a message of confirmation in local chat that it is complete Once it has been redeemed you can delete your gift card from you inventory
I bought this CX item that has Appliers only and I don’t see a system layer in the box.
We write in the description on the flickr, blog page, information board next to the item, pretty much where ever we can post what is inside this container we will.  If it does not say System Layer/s it does not have them inside. Mesh Bodies that we support:

  • The Mesh Project Male / Female
  • Slink Physique
  • Maitreya Lara

Omega Appliers:  (This is not a mesh body but it is an applier system that has become more universal.  Those bodies that work with Omega appliers are able to use this applier).  Some of the mesh bodies on the market will require you to have a relay system or to install omega to your mesh body.  You can read more about it here:  Omega Solutions

I can’t find items in your store.

Landing Point of the store you will see the first entrance

You will come to the main room of the store that will have the newest items from either store releases or recently closed events in this part of the store.

On the right you will see the Redelivery Terminal

Here are the current group gifts (Sep 2015) and the arrows are pointing to the 2nd room.

The Second Room contains majority of past items from CerberusXing, if you can not find an item in the front room please check here.

There is a third room that contains furniture! Happy Shopping!

I want to know where this hair/eyes/skin/etc is from.
Please understand we, the CSR’s, give support for CerberusXing store items only. We are not fashion consultants. Sometimes you can find what you’re looking for through the Flickr Stream of the non vendor images.  They will have the items posted below in the description area.
If there is a bug with the TMP Female Body why do you continue to sell the appliers and not tell the customer?
As stated in the question, “Why wont the [CX] Wraps work on my mesh body?” there is a problem with just the female body of TMP not the male mesh body of TMP.  It was originally designed/made for the Male TMP body and this is why we still have it out on the shelves.  The female body was released as well because the females wanted it as well so we released it for both male and female in the end. We do not control TMP.  Yes they know of the problem as it has been reported and we (CerberusXing) can not fix the bug as it is a bug on the TMP side.  We wish we could fix it but we can’t.   
One side of the Corroded Cuffs, from TAG, is not turning On
  1. Right click on the cuff
  2. Bring up the edit menu
  3. Go to the Tab:  Build
  4. Go to the Scripts Tab and open the menu
  5. Select:  Set Scripts to Running

Then click on the cuff that you just turned the script on for. Resetting scripts will not turn the script on.  You must set it to running. Toggle it on and off

Why is my pipe not working?

 Make sure you wear ALL items:  the HUD , lighter, hand and mouth  version of your pipe. The visibility of each can be controlled through the HUD, so you will only see one at a time.

Wear the Pipe HUD and MAKE sure to turn on the  POWER button this will begin to animate your pipe along with emitting smoke particles .

For the correct hold animation for your gender , toggle through the poses using the MALE/FEMALE button on the HUD. (NOTE:  this is for more recent pipes)

Why wont my CX ____ Tail work?
Make sure you are wearing BOTH the tail and HUD. The TOP button in the upper RIGHT corner is the POWER button , clicking this will turn on/off the animation of the tail. To change the CURVE of the tail use the FOUR boxes on the larger part of the HUD , you can also control the SPEED, ANGLE , DELAY, END ANGLE / GAP. -TROUBLE SHOOTING- • ” My Tail won’t animate” -Make sure you are wearing BOTH the tail and HUD , then click the upper RIGHT hand corner of the HUD this will turn on the animation of the tail.  (if you cannot see the HUD please ensure that you have also click the upper LEFT hand corner  this is the open/close control button. ) • ” How do I make my tail curve ?” – On the HUD use the larger square with the FOUR tiny boxes , this controls the CURVE of the tail . Simply drag each box until you have the desire tail curve . •  ” What does the Speed slider do ? – The Speed slider controls how fast or slow you want the tail to move. By moving the slider more towards the RIGHT it will give the tail a faster swinging motion and if move more towards the LEFT you can achieve a slower swinging motion. • ” What does the Angle slider do ?” – The Angle slider controls how far you want the tail to swing in an outward motion or very little . By moving the slider more towards the RIGHT the effect will widen the swinging movement , moving the slider more towards the left it will decrease the swinging to a less widen movement. • ” What does the Delay slider do ?” – The Delay slider  offsets the timing of each segment on the tail. • ” What does the End Angle slider do ?” – The End Angle slider controls how the end of the tail moves.  How much it curves depending on your settings.  It will swing itself more around your body.  Dragging the slider to the left will increase how much the tip of the tail will curve were as moving the slider to the right it will decrease the tip angle. • “How do I resize my tail ?” – The tail its self is mod , gives you the ability to resize the tail manually in build mode. • ” What  is the Save , Load , Delete  buttons do ?” – The Save Button: Gives you the option to save the setting of the tail. (Can give each setting a name by using the BLUE pop-up menu .) – The Load Button : Lets you load previous tail settings (By typing in the name from the list of saved presets in the BLUE pop-up menu.) – The Delete Button:  Can delete any tail setting by typing in the given name of the preset . (By typing in the name from the list of saved presets in the BLUE pop-up menu.)