CerberusXing was created on January 9, 2014.

A note from the creator:

“I worked hard on all of the items made. Hours and hours in a day alone, texturing itself can take a whole day depending on the quality and material.
I leave all my items except their content such as scripts modify because I can understand the need to edit something to our liking and make it unique and never did I charge at an insane rate.
But no matter how lenient one can be, content still gets stolen because a lot think on the internet it’s alright to do that but no, it is no different from going into a store and robbing it clean.
I got no tolerance for such and with this pick I state that all of my products, mesh and textures are protected under Intellectual Property Laws. Any of these may not be copied, stored or circulated in any format without my consent and I will not hesitate to file DMCA notifications.
You want people to continue making awesome things, then support your creator and their hard work. And to those that do I cannot thank you enough.”
Creative Commons License