|CX| Noise Reduction @The Limited Bazaar / by creme kurokawa

The time has drawn upon us and this event is one you don't want to miss.  We will be partaking in the Limited Bazaar, April 11th to 25th.

The Limited Bazaar is a bi-weekly exclusive limited sale event.  What this means is there will only be a certain amount of the item for sale.  Once the number of items has been sold it will never be available for sale again in second life. 

We have brought out all the stops with the new |CX| Noise Reduction Mask.  It comes in 3 different colors: Blood, Radioactive, and Slime.  There will only be 100 copies of each and will be sold for 150 L per color.  Remember once they're gone they're gone.


  • - 100% Original Mesh
  • - Materials Enabled
  • - Unisex Item

Permissions: COPY/MOD/NO TRANS

How to enable materials: - Open preferences

  • Go to graphics tab
  • Check off the boxes that are labeled: Transparent water, bump mapping & shiny, local lights, basic shaders, and advanced lighting model.
  • Click apply
  • Materials are best viewed in default wind light settings.