CerberusXing applications are now OPEN. Please do NOT message the creator asking to apply.
The application will be open from the 4th - 15th of August.



日本語の援助のためにLuka Requiemにメッセージをしてください。

What we are looking for

  • Passionate, creative BLOGGERS who love our creations
  • Dark, sultry, sexy, sometimes slightly twisted with a touch of sadist or masochist themed photos
    • Our slideshow is a great example of what we are looking for
  • Blog/Flickr Blog must be at least 6 months old
    • If you have a blog you must have a Flickr account as well
    • If you just have a Flickr account and post your credits there, that is fine
  • Have used CerberusXing items in past posts, within the last month
  • High Quality Photos displaying CerberusXing items clearly
  • Label and Landmark where to get the items featured in the pictures/posts
  • Must be ACTIVE, posting at least 3 times a month
    • Be consistent in your work, looking for dedication
  • At least 1,000+ Views on average
    • This is based on images you have posted in a week time, how many views does your image get the first day to the seventh day
  • Be able to follow the directions in the application process of posting your Flickr, Blog, Social Media. Please do not send in Post links, we want to see your whole flickr and blog not an individual post.

What we are NOT looking for

  • Music playing when we open the blog site
  • Text on the images
  • Group blogs (multiple people on one blog)
    • 1 Person per blog may apply
  • No store owners, we are looking for bloggers; not store owners who will use our items in their own store ads.
  • Images pulled from google search as your background
    • Why? Because you don't know if you're allowed to use those images or not. If they are not free stock or purchased images you are stealing work, we don't want that. We want to keep it 100% Second Life
  • NO images overly filled with Photoshop effects, it's distracting


  • Tag the creator: CerberusXing in the Flickr image
  • Label and Landmark the items used in the images
  • Submit at least ONE Post per month
    • At the end of the month if no post has been submitted you will be removed
  • Each item taken from the Product Tab must be blogged within 30 days, details can be found underneath the item title
    • Requests for deadline extensions will not be given, we believe 30 days is enough time to blog an item voluntarily taken
    • Requests for deadline removals will not be given unless the item was blogged in a recent post
  • No using other people's artwork as your background or morphing photos. Anyone claiming someone else's artwork as your own will not be apart of our team.

More details

  • We have Blogotex setup where you can get up to 3 inventory requests from the Products Tab
  • You are welcome to blog more than required
    • If you blog more than THREE times in the month you will be promoted to VIP for that month
      • VIP means you are immune from deadlines and item request limits
    • Once the month is over it will be removed and it restarts again
  • Vacations/Emergencies/Real Life in general happens. You can request for time off through Blogotex. Please communicate with us so we can work together ♥
  • Once you have been accepted you will get an invite to the Discord Group Chat since we no longer have an in-world group
    • This is optional to join, there is no requirement to do so. It's just our way to interact with our bloggers and get to know each other. More details are within the chat itself

How to use Blogotex

This is for those who have not used it yet

  1. Create a Blogotex account
    1. Register
  2. Apply to a store that uses blogotex
    1. Submit the URL's that you use
    2. DO NOT submit a POST as your main blog / flickr link, these links should go to your Flickr, Blog landing page
  3. Once you have been accepted by a store you can access your dashboard
    1. This will help you to see any notices/messages/announcements from the store
    2. It will also list the brands you work for underneath and any deadlines you have
    3. There is a FILTER drop down button that shows which are active, pending, or inactive
  4. Submitting Posts
    1. Go to the Posts Tab
    2. Click the dropbox button that says "Select Product(s) displayed in your post"
      1. You can now select more than one item, click all the items that apply
    3. Copy/Paste your URL's and hit Submit
    4. Once a manager reviews the post it will receive a new status (Accepted or Rejected)
      1. If there is an Inventory Request Limit, when you submit a post that has been accepted it will reset back to the full amount of Inventory requests
      2. The item you submitted, for the manager to check, should pause/freeze the deadline for that item while sitting in pending. 
  5. You can see any of your previously submitted posts underneath "Submit New Post". That will show the status of the posts you have submitted and any feedback that was given.
  6. Getting products
    1. Go to the Products Tab
    2. Items may or may not have a description underneath
    3. Camera Icon is a preview of the item, click to get the image to pop up
    4. Clock Icon tells how many days you have to blog it, move your curser over it
    5. You can click off items you have already blogged
    6. To get an item click on the Green Arrow on the right side under the Delivery column