Store Policy



Everything in this store is modify/copy (except for content such as scripts) unless stated otherwise, thus, refunds for our items are impossible unless it is a transaction error such as buying duplicates of the same item. We request that you provide TRANSACTION HISTORY on your purchase.

Please be reasonable and purchase wisely.




Repairs and exchanges are available for all no copy items.




Failure to DEMO our products and demanding a refund for sizing will not be tolerated. It is your mistake for not reading or taking precaution. Again, please be reasonable and purchase wisely



I am not interested in doing commissions or customs (SL is my hobby and a form of stress relief), however, suggestions are welcome.




Gacha is a game of chance, we are not able to sell or trade you other items from the machine, out of fairness to others who play.


No REFUND/EXCHANGE on any gacha items. The only support I will be able to give you is in the case of transaction errors.




In case of non-delivery. If you did not receive a prize and expect to get that item a screenshot of the chat is required.



Third party trades are risky, we are not responsible for any 2nd hand purchases made on the marketplace or yard sales.