|CX| Origin Pants by creme kurokawa

Original Mesh Clothing

Rigged only for:

  • Belleza Jake
  • Signature Gianni

Comes with Texture Changer for the leg wraps.

Leg wraps has up to 6 colors and hide option.

Metal tone changer included as well with 3 options.

This item can be matched with:

**Please always try a DEMO before making a rigged purchase**

Shoes in the Ad are not included and are from Vale Koer.

Coming to TMD!

//Naberius// Slick Tentacles by creme kurokawa

Original Mesh Bento Rigged Tentacles

Upper & Lower part can using Separately

Each color pack included Male & Female Size

HUD Options:

  • Action - Wave / Point / Scratch
  • Idle Select - IdleA / IdleB / IdleC / Wriggling / Lewd / Massage
  • Timer For Idle Animation Cycling


Classic / Onyx / Red / Hotpink / Blue / Yellow / Mint

*** Please Try DEMO first before purchase ***

This item is now available at RLD Event !