Searching for

We are in search for passionate, creative bloggers who love our creations. High quality images featuring dark, sultry, sexy, with a touch of sadistic or masochistic themed photos fits best with the our store.

Used Items

You must have used CX items within the last month. Labeling and landmark the featured items within the image; images that show CX items but have no credits won’t count.


Blog or Flickr blog must be at least 6 months old to be considered. If you have a blog you must have a Flickr account. A Flickr blog must credit within the description area. Tag the creator of CX within the Flickr image.


Must be active, blogging at least 3 times a month, we are looking for dedication. Your images must have at least 1,500 views on average within 5 days from when it was posted on Flickr.


Don’t have

Blogs that have music playing when you open the blog will not be accepted, this is personal preference.
Text on images that is distracting. We want to avoid taking away from the items that are featured.

Not looking for

Group blogs where multiple people apply. Only 1 person from a group blog will be accepted, this is so we can get different images instead of 1 image from both bloggers.
No store owners, we are looking for bloggers. We don’t want our items used within their own store ads.

Copyright infringement

No Images pulled from google as your background or added detail that is not properly sourced. We want to keep it Second Life based images, not outsourced backgrounds. No morphing photos or claiming someone else’s work as your own.

FLickr Spam

We understand people are happy about their accomplishments of having their image selected for a groups cover photo but if that’s all we see in the Flickr stream it gets to be too much. Your work gets lost, I want to see your images not screenshots of Flickr covers. At least keep it to a minimal.

No Porn

We don’t want anything blatantly explicit. Sexy doesn’t have to be literal sex.


Images with Photoshop effects that fill your image with sparkles and overlays that it no longer shows the image clearly will not be accepted, it defeats the point of featuring the item in the image.




We offer VIP status for the current month if you have submitted at least 3 posts for that month. Once the month is over the VIP status will be removed.

VIP status gives immunity to any deadlines that would be normally on a product.

Post Requirement

We require at least 1 post per 30 days. If you have gone past that requirement you will be removed.

You don’t need to post only new items. Blog older items if there is no new items that you can use. This will count towards the 1 post per 30 day requirement.


You’re welcome to take vacation time! We know people’s lives are busy and we need to take care of things in Real Life.

Please communicate with us, submit some time off when you need it but please do not abuse this.


We give 30 days per product, any deadline removal will not be given unless you have already used it in a post and it did not take when submitting the post.

You must submit the post where you used the item to have the deadline removed.