Blogotex Overview

CerberusXing uses Blogotex to manage our bloggers. If you do not like Blogotex, please, do not apply. This system has helped us make the decision in bring back bloggers for our store. If you do not understand how the system works we have a detailed description below that will hopefully help you.


Blogger Access Point & Register

If a store is apart of Blogotex you can go to their store and find their Blogger Access Point. This will allow you to apply to that store.

New users will have to register and you can go through their steps to make an account.



Make sure before filling out the application to have read over all of the rules and requirements before applying. This will save time while going through the applications.

CerberusXing Requirements


Once you have been accepted as a blogger you will be able to access that stores blogotex system.

On the Dashboard you will see your messages from that store and any deadlines that you have from products.


In the products tab you’ll see the available items to blog. Depending on the store owner there may be a Product Deadline. You can click on the ? mark above the clock icon to read the description. When you click on the green arrow on the right, to deliver the item, it will tell you how many days you have to blog the item. Images is also an option that the store owner may add to help you see the product before taking it. Also, there is a option for the store owner to add a demo of the product.

Once you accept the item the deadline begins.



Select the items that you used in the post, you can select more than 1 item in the drop down menu. Enter the URL’s of your Flickr and blog post. It’s optional to add a message to the owner or manager to read. Once it has been submitted the deadline for the items will freeze until it has been reviewed.

You can see the status of your posts at the bottom of the Posts page.


You can explore Blogotex once you have been accepted to a store. If you have questions you can ask Blogotex through their Facebook page.

Any changes that have been made to the system is posted here: Blogotex Changelog