IMPORTANT NOTICE (E2V System & Customer Credits)

This was message was sent out in the CerberusXing Update Group on April 15, 2018 @9:40AM SLT. The notecard contents are posted below.


Please take a moment to read this important info. 

Since 2014 |CX| has been loyally using the E2V System and just a few days ago we were hit with the abrupt news of this system being retired fully by May 31, 2018. 
This news has come with a great shock for us and was not easy for us to grasp.

--So what does this entail and how will this affect everyone that has shopped here and has credit with |CX|?

After a storm of events I had to deal with, we are now actively brainstorming on what new vendor system we are going to migrate to. This is by far not an easy decision to make and takes some time. There are many factors to consider and one of the most important is if we would be capable of migrating all our customers information such as purchase history and credit.
That being said, we are going to try everything within our capabilities to make sure this will only minimally affect any of our customers. We may ask for your help once we decided and know our next steps but that is still uncertain. 

--What can you do for now?
My advise for now is this and all of this is absolutely optional and up to you but it will definitely make things easier not only for myself but also for you.

1.Get re-deliveries now before May 31, 2018 if you really need any and start setting aside your |CX| Boxes, instead of deleting them and keep them as a backup in a box/folder. This will help in case you lost your purchase and this can serve as your own little backup. If you got any troubles with re-delivering we will try our best to assist you but please be patient with us.

2. Turn your gift cards into credit and use your remaining credit as soon as you can before May 31, 2018. This will greatly simplify things for us and we will appreciate you for doing so. Rest assured you will be able to get store credit again once we get settled with a new system. 

--We will really appreciate you doing these things while we focus on trying to get everything transitioned to a new system. Please be patient with us too during this period of time because transferring over 300 products worth unto a new system as well as 4 years of customer information is really not an easy task especially since my staff can only help to a certain extend with this. 

--For any of those who did not clearly understand all this, feel free to send me a direct IM and I will personally try to clarify things as best as I can. 

Thank you for your time.