CerberusXing @ UnitedandKind Fundraiser / by Noodle


Hello everyone, CerberusXing is participating in UnitedandKind Fundraiser 100% of the proceeds will go to the UnitedandKind Fundraiser account. You can read more about this charity event below! About UnitedandKind ================================================= 

unitedandkind is a nonprofit fundraiser organized by Octagons Yazimoto and Skye Everidge. All proceeds accrued from the fundraiser will be equally split amongst the following four organizations: Color of Change, Planned Parenthood, Naseeha and The Trevor Project. Both Octagons and Skye are in no way affiliated with the aforementioned organizations. This fundraiser has been organized to raise a generous donation for each organization in hopes to support them during this very stressful time in the United States. All donations, once completed, will be posted to the UnitedandKind website as well as other social media for transparency.

Original Mesh Accessory

Fully functional moving Tail. Movement. Speed and shape controllable via HUD.