|CX| Impaled Revived / by cerberusxing

Original Mesh Accessory

This is an entire remake of an old CX favorite from 2014.

  1. Why do you remake old items?
    • Because as a creator in SL I keep on striving to learn and improve on whatever I make.
  2. Why do you not offer this as a free update to the ones who had bought the old ones already?
    • Because it is not just a -mere- update. I started from scratch again, modeled the mesh around the new body kits provided and made it more fitting. Textures are new as well and added materials. Making this took much longer than what time I spend on making the older ones.
  3. I don't find this fair to the ones that already bought the old one from 2014.
    • I'm sorry if you consider my items not worth your $1.50. After all I only worked 2 days on it.

New Mesh has

  • New Texturing
  • Materials Included
  • Rigged for Maitreya High and Slink High
  • Un-rigged Version Included
  • Bloody Heel Omega Appliers Included

Comes in:

  • Hammered Iron
  • Scratched Brass
  • Trashed Steel

Coming to Bloody Horror!