|CX| Photography Contest 2017 / by Noodle

We are holding a small contest for a chance to win early access to the upcoming Arcade! We will be picking two winners to receive this prize. It will allow the winners lag free shopping. If you are interested in participating, please read through all of the rules before starting.


• Only ONE photo can be entered into the contest

• It must FOCUS on CerberusXing items

• Items must be from recent months ( no older than five months )

• It should display things clearly and not hidden ( if you wear facial piercings, for example, make sure that is the focus of the picture and not your ass )

• No group gifts only photos

-- Using ONLY CerberusXing group gifts in the image will be disqualified

• Photos should be submitted to the Flickr Contest Group

-- NOT the CerberusXing Flickr Group

• When naming your photo add #CXArcadePhotoContest

-- Name of Picture #CXArcadePhotoContest

• No //Naberius// Items. They do not count as |CX| it is an entirely different brand that I have in collaboration with my friend.


The deadline to enter will be at the end of the 22nd of February, aka midnight SLT turning over to the 23rd. Once the time has passed the Flickr group is be closed. Submitting photos to the regular CerberusXing Flickr group will not count to your chances to enter the contest.

The two winners that we choose are to be notified by Flickr Mail. There we will ask for your Second Life username so that you can get further instructions about your winnings. Please keep this in mind that early access will start at 12:00 PM SLT on the 28th of February.

We wish you luck and have fun with creating your images!