[CX]&[ContraptioN] The Barrel Joint / by cerberusxing


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We're throwing you back to the 1920's in good, old Chicago. These pieces were designed to give the feel of a speakeasy, an illegal makeshift bar/saloon/nightclub in a basement. During the Prohibition era, law enforcement shut down bars across the country unknowingly giving birth to speakeasies over night. There is a thought of how these types of bars got their name. The patron would whisper or "speak easy" through the opening of the door to one of the illegal establishments, giving the name of the person who sent them.

This is for the full furnished set

100% Original Mesh

Total Land Impact

  • Skybox - 47Li
  • Side Table 1Li
  • Bar Table - 1Li
  • Bar Chair - 1Li
  • Bar Stool - 1Li
  • Pinned Poster Set - 5Li
  • Bar Chandelier - 4Li
  • Bar Lights - 7Li
  • Rack - 3Li
  • Bar Cocktail Mixer - 2Li
  • Bar Tap Set - 5Li
  • Bar Shelf Bonus - 9Li

One booth sits up to 5 People

Animations - 4 Male, 4 Female, 1 Unisex

Bartender Animations - 5 Animations

Bar Chair

Animations - 4 Male, 4 Female

Bar Stool

Animations - 8 Unisex

Copy, Mod, No Trans