//Naberius// - Redd's Lounge / by creme kurokawa

[ContraptioN] & |CerberusXing| collaborates again for November's round of 6 Republic under our collaborative brand: //Naberius//. For this round, we had to choose one of two available themes, and this time we have chosen Amsterdam with a decorated skybox set that encompasses both the drug culture and the intriguing red light district nightlife.

We hope you enjoy this set!


=Decorated Skybox Set=

Total LI - 159


  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Bar
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Small Picture Frame
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Posters
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Leather Lounges
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Stools
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Coffee Table
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Sign
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Table Set
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Bar Lamps
  • //Naberius// Decor: Redd's Lounge Basic Lamps
    • ⇛ The stools and table sets come with unisex sitting animations.
    • ⇛ The Lounges come with sits, couple sits and adult animations.
    • ⇛ The red light booths in the build come with two dance animations.

For this set, you get all included decorations as seen in the skybox for just L$3500, which is a discount in comparison to buying each individual piece of decoration on their own.


=Single Decorations=

For your convenience, we have also included single individual decorations for sale just in case you do not want the whole skybox set. You can find these as well as their details on display at the venue.

Now available at 6 Republic!