What is //Naberius// ? / by cerberusxing

A word from Mr. Wainwright ===

"A valiant marquesse, shewing himselfe in the forme of a crowe, when he speaketh with a hoarse voice." - Unknown


Introducing a collaborative brand between two good friends: |Cerberus Xing| and [ContraptioN]

We have been collaborating a few times, as you may know, and since we have a growing collection and enter events every now and then, we've decided to form a collaborative brand to better organize things as well as make it a touch less confusing for you, the customer and for future events!

In this collaborative project, I designed and illustrated the elements in the logo.



> 'But why Naberius, Mr. Wainwright?'

Good question! Naberius is often imagined as a three-headed dog with a bird body, or just a three headed dog, or a three headed bird. Either way, he's three-headed with traits or both bird and canine, and as a result, we chose Naberius because of the following:

1.) I'm often associated with a bird.

2.) Cerberus is quite self-explanatory.

3.) As the lot of you already know I love demonology and I had to seize the opportunity.

4.) It sounds cool

5.) Look at that logo and mascot. It looks cool too.

6.) We must strive to be the hippest and hoppiest radical children on the block.

> 'WELL GEE, Mr. Wainwright can't you just say [CX]&[ContraptioN] in one package?'

We often run out of naming space, and my fickle item naming formats to get in the way. Also, I have trouble advertising collaborative projects since I am not a fan of double posting! Event owners tend to either be confused, forget, or need special permission for collaborative projects so they can figure out how to deal with two logos in one area. Now they don't have to with //Naberius// and just treat our collaborative projects as one entity! WOW!

> 'Well pull my trousers up, and slap my knees, Mr. Wainwright! What sort of diddly widdly fantabulous [ContraptioN] projects will move to this brand?'

So far we will be moving the following:

- Barrel Joint Bar SET

- The Hidden Theatre SET

- Antique Collars

- Devil's Tail II

- Strapping Silencer

They won't be renamed or rebranded, but all future collaborations from here on out will be branded //Naberius//!

> 'So where will we find news for //Naberius// items?'

It's still really fresh, so bear with us as we get this brand more established with time!